Castors and wheels

By state-of-the-art means, TENTE brings this mobility into the twenty-first century.
The invention of the wheel is probably not only the most important technical concept among the world’s ground-breaking inventions; to this day it continues to guarantee movement, efficiency and progress.
It moves people and goods and takes the development of our society forward.

Better Mobility. Better Life.

That is our motto. It is what we believe in and what we work for day after day. All over the world our employees assume responsibility and aim to ensure that the world is taken a decisive further step forward. They do so fully convinced – and with total dedication.

Our mission

is “Mobility is essential for modern society and all individuals. We at TENTE make our contribution toward improving people’s lives, the way they work and their working conditions. Openness characterises us. We are frank and open about our objectives, our values and our approaches, processes and successes. This transparency leads to a partnership with our customers and suppliers that is based on trust. We are a reliable partner for castors and wheels and the associated processes, systems and solutions.“ We are always working for tomorrow today. Our overriding aim: “TENTE will only remain profitable on a lasting basis if we continue to have satisfied customers.”

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