Industrial supplies

Through the long activity of our staff in the field of industrial supplies, we have established partnerships with top manufacturers in the field of industrial supplies.
Thus we can bring to your disposal a wide range of reliable products of superior quality.

1. Furniture for furnishing the halls and workshops

  • Workbenches
  • Tool cabinets
  • Locker rooms
  • Cabinets for computers
  • Fire-resistant cabinets for storing dangerous substances
  • Shelves and storage systems
  • Ladders and work platforms made of aluminum and fiberglass

2. Waste management

  • Containers for waste collection
  • Containers with folding floor
  • Catch tanks for oils or other dangerous substances
  • Absorbents – granules – for hydrocarbons and other dangerous substances, including ecological absorbers that completely neutralize hydrocarbons
  • Absorbents – wipes – for hydrocarbons and other dangerous substances

3. Hand tools, electric and pneumatic

  • Tools and keys premium range – professional
  • Pneumatic tools premium range – professional
  • Power tools range premium – professional

From the range of these products, we can offer you diversified variants in price and quality so that we will arrive together to an optimal solution for you that will fit as a value in the allocated budget and at the same time to answer the required needs.